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Self-Restraint v. Self-Indulgence

Publisher: Navajivan Trust
Categories: Philosophy
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 1112.95 KB | ISBN(13): 9788172297541

Those who believe in self-restraint must not become hypochondriacs. The letters that come to me show that many correspondents brood over their ill-success the exercise of self-restraint. Like everything else that is good, self-restraint too requires an inexhaustible store of patience. There is absolutely no reason to despond, and there must be no brooding. There should be no conscious effort to drive away evil thoughts. That process is itself a kind of indulgence. The best prescription perhaps is non-resistance, i.e., ignoring the existence of evil thoughts and a continuous preoccupation with duties that lie in front of one. This presupposes the existence of some kind of all-absorbing service requiring the concentration of mind, soul and body upon it. “Idle hands some mischief still will ever find to do”, is never so applicable as in this case. Evil thoughts, much more evil deeds are impossible when we are thus preoccupied. Strenuous labour in accordance with one’s physical capacity is, therefore, absolutely necessary for those who will obey the law of self-restraint which is indispensable for individual as well as universal progress. M. K. Gandhi

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