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Satyagraha in South Africa

Publisher: Navajivan Trust
Categories: History , True Account
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 1436.66 KB | ISBN(13): 9788172294601

The Satyagraha struggle of the Indians in South Africa lasted eight years. The term Satyagraha was invented and employed in connection therewith. I had long entertained a desire to write a history of that struggle myself. Some things only I could write. Only the general who conducts a campaign can know the objective of each particular move. And as this was the first attempt to apply the principle of Satyagraha to politics on a large scale, it is necessary any day that the public should have an idea of its development. My only object in writing this book is that it may be helpful in our present struggle, and serve as a guide to any regular historian who may arise in the future. M. K. Gandhi, 2nd April, 1924 [From Preface]

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