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Pathway to God

Publisher: Navajivan Trust
Categories: Religion , Essays
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 996.38 KB | ISBN(13): 9788172297527

It is possible for a human being to delude himself with the belief that he is carrying out God’s purpose when what he is doing is only satisfying his ego. But that is possible only when one has a deluded conception of God. This was not so in the case of Gandhiji. He conceived of God as Absolute Truth, Nonviolence and Love. With such a conception, belief in God will not lead one astray and life becomes a real Pathway to God when one lives in search of Truth and surrenders to Nonviolence and Love. This was the life that Gandhiji led and that is why his life is and will remain a perpetual source of inspiration to all who seek the highest satisfaction from their lives.

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