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My Gandhi

Publisher: Navajivan Trust
Categories: History
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 2179.97 KB | ISBN(13): 9788172297459

The book is neither my story nor Gandhi’s. It is an attempt to disclose how I discovered Gandhi, not only during my years of living with him, but also through his writings and particularly through my work after Gandhi’s death. Gandhi was a friend of mine when I was child in his Ashram. He turned into a philosopher and guide as I grew up. As the lotus blooms with the rays of the sun, I blossomed under Gandhi’s care and love. His force has been much more subtle and salubrious after his passing away. … Growing up with Gandhi, has been a matter of great joy to me. More than two third of the population of India today was born after Gandhi’s death. Time and time again, I encounter people who ask: ‘Did you see Gandhi? ‘What was he like?’ I particularly remember an Arab girl of thirteen living in Israel who was intensely keen to know about Gandhi. Joy shared is joy multiplied. My motivation to write this book comes from the fact that I want to share the joy that I had for the first score of years in my life with the younger generation throughout the world. But I would also like my joy-sharers to study Gandhian thought, his method of work and some of the solutions that he had offered to problems which we face even today. [From pre-text by the author]

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