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Jeevangeet (જીવનગીત)

Publisher: Cygnet
Categories: Poem
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 346.81 KB | ISBN(13): 9789384604349

Jeevangeet by Vihang A Naik – (originally poetry written in Gujarati) is a collection of Gujarati poems written by Vihang Naik after his English collection of poems in City Times and Other Poems , only published in 2001 in AiD for Gujarat Earthquake victims of 26th January , 2001 and dedicated to thousands of men , women and children who lost their lives and homes in Earthquake… The book contains Gujarati language poems written by Vihang A. Naik who is more know for his poems in written in English Language. It has a long section titled ‘pencil’ with seven parts and a relatively long poem ‘character’ in eighteen parts besides shorter verse written in Gujarati his Mother tongue . All the poems follow experimental tendencies in parallel with his first collection of poems in English City Times & Other Poems.

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