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Genesis of an Indian City

Weight: 1200.00 (Gram)
Publisher: Navajivan Trust
ISBN(13): 9788194920939

Ahmedabad, first UNESCO World Heritage City in India, owes its nomination to the exceptional character of its tangible and cultural heritage. Before being the heart of the Gandhian journey and the cradle of modern Indian architectural movements, Ahmedabad was the capital of Muzaffarid Gujarat, one the richest Indian kingdoms of its time. It is this long and complex urbanity built on a multidimensionalethnic and cultural identity that this volume looks at. Beyond the modern metropolis, “Genesis of an Indian City” goes back to the historical roots of what shaped the materiality and the identity of today’s giant Ahmedabad. It is a journey to understand Indian urbanity, its tangible body, its atmosphere and its social dynamics. What defined the Indian city, what are its urbanistic components, how building archaeology can help where sources are silent, how do cultural factors and urban body contribute to each other’s growth: these are few of the questions raised by this volume. “A very beautiful work which is recommended by the technical and aesthetic quality of its illustrations.” (Prof. Marc Gaborieau) “Sara Keller shows a remarkable talent for dealing with built fabric and urban space, she is able to read and record the materiality of architecture at a level far above that of many of her contemporaries in architectural history and art history.” (Prof. Elizabeth Lambourn)

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