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eBook Creation Services

Indian publishers and writers started using computers and digital technologies 20 years ago. Today, most publishing houses use computers and software in the book creation process. Most publishers have versions of their books in MS Word, PageMaker, PDF or other formats. Yet, much of this ‘digital’ data is not available for reading on different digital devices. Why so? This is because:

  • Apple or Android mobile and tablets, or e-Readers like Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, offer full support only for specific file format.
  • Scanned copies of books, PDFs or JPEGs don’t render well on most mobile and reader devices.
  • Most mobile devices cannot read regional language fonts – they can read only UNICODE family fonts.

Total eBook Creation Service

At e-Shabda, we create high-quality ebooks in any standard file format of your choice, using UNICODE family fonts. We just need a digital copy from your side: we take care of all the rest. Even if you do not have a digital version, we can work from scratch and create an eBook from the hard copy. The below table gives an idea of the breadth of our services:



Accepted File Formats

Indian Language Supporters

Delivered File Formats





Corel draw

Quark Express

And more…




Bhasha Bharati



And many more…





And others

The text in PDFs or scanned copies doesn’t flow, and such ‘eBooks’ don’t provide an optimum reading experience and are not full-fledged eBooks. On the other hand, ePub and other specific eBook file formats offer text flow and can leverage several other device-specific features.

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Our eBook creation services help you reach out to a broader market and help you generate a new channel of revenue. We have a proven record of producing and delivering books on time, and our in-depth understanding of every aspect related to eBook creation, distribution, marketing and security helps us deliver high value at reasonable rates. Whatever your needs, we have the technology, expertise and processes to deliver.

Are you looking for a reputed eBook creation company to help you convert and sell your existing books online? Please get in touch with us today!