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The Pilgrims of Darkness [Timirpanthi]

Publisher: Dhruv Bhatt
Categories: Novel
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 2221.6 KB | ISBN(13): 9789384604943

Welcome to the pacey page-turner The Pilgrims of Darkness that chronicles a saga of three generations of thieves of 20th century that struggled to sustain their art. Meet Sati, a child, a young girl, a student, a lady so hypnotizing that you have no choice but to follow her every thought, passion, creation, tactic, response and outcome. Her courage, conviction and intuition led her through her own effort from being one of a disregarded community to setting up an alternative ‘need of the hour’ school. She travels a long way in one lifetime and gets us all thinking of who are we? What are we here for? What lives are we leading? The thieving tactics of the nomadic “artisans” would bring genuine and stunning surprise.

This whole text is a moving intrigue of real life experiences of the Aadodiyas captured during the two years of extensive first-hand experience of the author. He has lived with this community and documented those finer nuances which are difficult to uncover otherwise. He has gifted us with a glimpse of so many arenas in one book - history, geography, sociology, politics, culture, tradition, art, mythology and you name it. If you are someone trying to figure out meanings of life through literature, here is a cracking good read.

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