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Akoopaar - The Infinite

Publisher: Dhruv Bhatt
Categories: Fiction , Novel , Young Adult
Book Type: epub
Book Size: 2636.98 KB | ISBN(13): 9789384604158

Akoopār - The Infinite deals with the lives in the forests of Gir, Junagath, Gujarat by interrogating with various natural and supernatural spirits. Besides, it takes a close look at how for thousand years, the region of Gir remained a magnetic source for humans and other animals to coexist soulfully. An anonymous narrator, a painter protagonist takes on a journey to paint the elemental form of the Earth for an interior decoration project. The artist as an outsider gradually unfolds the inner worlds of Gir. The wide range of characters from Maldhāris (cattle bearers) who live within the forest, to forest officers and guards, villagers, wildlife activists, fishermen, presents the life of Gir and Ghed region. The novel sources cultural and philosophical roots of human existence on this blue planet.

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